SVQ in Business Administration SQCF 6

Marion McFadzean

Trainer, Workbased Assessor and Internal Verifier

Qualification Description

The Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Business Administration at SCQF 6 allows candidates to demonstrate thier competence within their job role. Candidates will be in a position to implement and monitor administrative systems and be looking to progress within their chosen career.

These qualifications cover areas incuding

  • Plan how to manage and improve own performance in a business environment.
  • Review and maintain work in a business environment
  • Communicate in a business environment
  • Contribute to decision making in a business environment
  • Supervise an office facility
  • Contribute to running a project
  • and many more.

The qualifications have a wide range of optional units and are ideal for anyone who work within a busy administrate environment.

What you'll Gain

Successful candidates will gain an internationally-recognised qualification which guarantees that they have the skills, knowledge and abilities required to carry out their role successfully. Employers will also benefit from their employees consolidating their knowledge of administrative processes.

What you'll need to complete it 

Assessment is carried out in the workplace, which minimises any time learners would need to be away from their work. These SVQ’s are suitable for individuals who are currently in employment and who wish to obtain a formal qualification. No prior qualifications are required to undertake this qualification though completing business administration at SCQF 5 would be advantageous.

Entry Requirements

Entry is at the discretion of The Centre. Candidates should be in a job or placement where they are carrying out relevant tasks and responsibilities which allow then to gather the required evidence.

Marion McFadzean

Trainer, Workbased Assessor and Internal Verifier

SVQ in Business Administration SCQF 5

An ideal course for those with basic knowledge of administrative processes enabling a clear progression route.


12 Months



SVQ in Business Administration SQCF 6

This course is ideal for those looking to develop their skills and knowledge to move to a more senior role

SVQ Credit

12 months

GK6Y 23


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