Food Safety Level 2 E-Learning

Qualification Description

This course is ideal for anyone who works where food is cooked, prepared or handled. The course meets all legal requirements and offers full compliance for high-risk food handlers.

Along with its supporting PDF handbook, the e-learning provides all the knowledge and understanding required in order for a learner to go onto achieve any level 2 food safety (RQF) qualification, whether in catering, manufacturing or retail, with an approved training provider. The course covers the following areas

  • Introduction to food safety
  • Microbiological hazards
  • Food poisoning and its control
  • Contamination hazards and controls
  • HACCP from delivery to service
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food premises and equipment
  • Food pests and pest control
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Food safety enforcement

Who is it for

Anyone involved in food handling who must be appropriately trained in food safety. The course is aimed at anyone who works where food is cooked, prepared or handled. The course can also be used as part of the on-programme element of the new apprenticeship standards, and can support the knowledge, skills and behaviours apprentices need to effectively integrate into the workplace.


This course has no knowledge pre-requisites and is is delivered online as E-Learning module that should take approximately 4 - 5 hours to complete. You will need access to the internet to be able to complete this. This Qualification has a final Multiple Choice Assessment to achieve completion.

What you'll gain

Successful completion will gain you a Highfield Completion Certificate.

Purchase Details

When you purchase this course we will contact you to provide access details to our partners E-Learning platform including all usernames and passwords. Please make sure that you provide your name and current contact details.



Food Safety Level 2 E-Learning

This is a course that helps ensure your staff understand their role in maintaining food safety.

Highfield Completion Certificate

240 - 300 Minutes

E-Learning Certificate

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